The company

Company history

Entrepreneurial will

MEC ideas starts its activity in 2000 thanks to the entrepreneurial will of the two founder members Pascolo Graziano and Plos Giorgio. The joining of the several acknowledges achieved from the founders themselves as well as the continuous seek of the best quality in the engineering service were the strenght of the company that immediately succeed in putting itself up as a worthy partner for supporting and completing the clients´ technical studies.

Already in 2001 the need of wider space for its own activities brings the company to settle initially in Osoppo (Udine) and afterwards to look for new premises in accordance with the increase of staff, skills and professionalism. Consequently the move and the starting into the actual seat in Buja (Udine) occured at the end of 2007.

Over the years the company has been sistematically organized in order to meet the always larger demand for technical cooperation by an increasing number of clients. At present the company has a staff of 9 employees and boasts extensive technical and planning knowledges in various fields of mechanics.